Finnish and Estonian music awards nomination for “Tii ilo” album

What a great and unexpected surprise! Mari Kalkun & Runorun album “Tii ilo” has got a double nomination at music awards – it’s been nominated for Ethno Album of the Year both in Estonia and Finland. This makes Kalkun the first Estonian to be nominated to a Finnish music award. Mari lives in the Southern edge of Estonia as other Finnish/Australian band members, record label Rockadillo records and album artist Tatjana Bergelt are located in Finland.

And what a nice company to share with as other candidates for the prize are Kimmo Pohjonen, Pekko Käppi, Anne-Mari Kivimäki and Sväng in Finland and Trad. Attack!, Curly Strings in Estonia. The award winners are announed at galas taking place on 28th of January (Estonian Music Awards gala at Nordea concert hall, Tallinn) and 11th March 2016 (Finnish Music Awards at Espoo Metro Arena).

Mari Kalkun & Runorun says ISO KIITOS – SUUR AITÄH – BIG THANKS to all who’ve made “Tii ilo” happen and to the supportive critics who’ve selected the album to the music awards! More info about the events (in Finnish and Estonian): and

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