Returning to Japan

I´m excited to return to Japan and announce Mari Kalkun JAPAN TOUR 2016 with 6 concerts in 4 cities – Kagoshima, Nara, Kyoto and Tokyo! I will be playing mostly solo concerts, except for Tokyo where we play as a duo with Maija Kauhanen presenting the record material of “Tii ilo” released and organized by Japanese label Afterhours. At our special evening in Shibuya/Tokyo club 7th Floor we will have a great guest artist Mr. Silla from Iceland. Looking forward to meet all old friends in Japan and gather new ones…! Arigatō, ありがとう to all those involved in organizing and helping to spread info!

12.11 Mono, KAGOSHIMA
2 solo concerts 16:00 & 18:30
Tickets: 2500 yen
15.11 Sonihouse, NARA
Solo concert, opening 18:00, concert 19:00
Tickets: 3000 yen
16.11 Seikosha, KYOTO
Acoustic solo concert in Kyoto independent bookshop,
19:30-21:00 Tickets: 1500 yen
19.11 7th Floor, TOKYO
Duo concert with kantele player Maija Kauhanen (Finland)
Guest artist Mr. Silla (Iceland)
Doors 18:30, start 19:00
Tickets: 3000 / 3500 yen
20.11 Otonomad, TOKYO
Small acoustic duo concert with Maija Kauhanen (FIN)
Doors: 18:30, start 19:00
Maija Kauhanen is a skillful Finnish kantele player, singer and percussionist. She is Mari´s bandmate from Mari Kalkun & Runorun and together as a duo they´ll be presenting their album “Tii ilo” in Tokyo concerts on 19th and 20th November 2016.
Mr. Silla is the solo incarnation of Icelandic artist Sigurlaug Gísladóttir, known also for her work with Múm, Snorri Helgasson, Mice Parade and Low Roar. She will be performing as a guest artist on the show in Shibuya / Tokyo club 7th Floor on 19th November.

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