“Om laul” performed at the XII Youth Song Celebration

Music gives wings and makes me feel gratitude and inspiration. My song “Om laul” (“Own song”) was performed at the XII Youth Song Celebration in Estonia on Sunday 2nd of July in Tallinn. Arranged by Andres Lemba and conducted by young conducter Mai Simson, “Om laul” was sang by 36 young female choirs and altogether over thousand brave singers. Here are a few shots from this beautiful day, captured by Estonian daily Postimees.

The song celebrations are important part of Estonian culture, carrying strong choir traditions and joy of singing together. Song celebrations played a big role during the Singing Revolution in the end of the 1980s. Altogether this year´s Youth Song Celebration brought together 26 000 singers and musicians.

Photos: Mihkel Maripuu, Eero Vabamägi © Postimees

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