Kaevu taga kostab kosmos (Echo of the Space Behind the Well)

Time: April-May; August-September 2007
Place: Tõravere Observatory, observatory’s unused buildings and towers
Format: installations, work-shops, live performance, lectures
My role: project leader; author of an installation
Creative group: Piibe Kolka, Evelin Lagle, Tanel Kadalipp, Mari Kalkun, Antti Mäss, Kadri Hallik, Leene Korp, Grete Veskiväli, Katriin Kütt, Malle Valli, Maarja Tobber, Patrick McGinley, Arno Tamm, Maxim Golomidov, John Grzinich, P0rt, At00, Uum

“Echo of the Space Behind the Well” was a creative happening that brought together a group of art, music, dance and humanities students. The aim of this project was to create links between unique Tõravere environment, science and art through workshops and collaboration. The project resulted in a number of public events: sound and light installations, performances with live music, lectures, stars’ observation with telescope and guided excursion between the installations.

See the review in Artishok blog (in Estonian) HERE.

Sound Cafe by Leene Korp (photo: Merli Antsmaa). To see the whole gallery of the event pictured by Merli Antsmaa CLICK HERE.


Loomine (Creation) – sound and light installation

Idea & sound recording, mixing: Mari Kalkun
Realization: Malle Valli, Maarja Tobber, Tanel Kadalipp, Evelin Lagle, Leene Korp
Brazing: Lennart Valli
Light: Malle Valli
Dimensions: 2,5m x 1,8m x 1m
Sound: Mari Kalkun
*Converesations of Tähtvere kindergarten 5-6-year-old children about cosmos
*Extracts from the lecture of astronomer Elmo Tempel “Dark matter distribution  in the The Andromeda galaxy”
*„Song for forgetting I” by Patrick McGinley

This installation focused on children and scientists representing two different ways of creating and seeing the world. In a huge egg-shaped installation they meet in a common time-space.