Book + CD “Eesti rahvapille” (Estonian Folk Instruments)

Published: July 2008
Format: 140 pages, hardback
Authors: Igor Tõnurist, Meelika Hainsoo, Cätlin Jaago, Tarmo Kivisilla, Anneli Kont-Rahtola, Tarmo Noormaa, Aleksander Sünter
My role: project manager (TÜ Viljandi Culture Academy)

“Eesti rahvapille (Estonian Folk Instruments) gives an overview of the history of Estonian instruments used in folk music and is illustrated with photographs and audio material. The authors introduce the instruments that were used in the past or are still used as well as some newer musical instruments. There are more than thirty main instruments and and about the same number of their subtypes described in the book, introducing their musical history and cultural backround. The book is complemented by a CD which contains archive recordings of instrumental folk music and samples of contemporary solo and ensemble play.

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