Estonian poetry and song
Kristiina Ehin, Mari Kalkun, Anna Hints

A programme that consists of  Kristiina’s poems and traditional songs/voice improvisation by me and Anna. “Kristiina Ehin is one of Estonia’s leading poets. Four of her books of poetry have been translated into English by Ilmar Lehtpere, including The Drums of Silence and The Scent of Your Shadow. Mari Kalkun is a folk singer and famous musician in Estonia. Anna Hints is a multi-disciplinary artist who also sings in various folk groups. Together they are an excellent and example of the power and expressiveness of the Estonian women.” – (Ledbury Poetry Festival 2010) Besides Ledbury Poetry Festival, which brought the three of us together, we have been performing as a trio in Scotland, England, Paris and Rõuge.

See a full-length video of our performance at Ledbury Poetry Festival, England (July 2010) HERE.