Pastacas & Mari Kalkun

Pastacas – vocal, guitar, mandoline, flutes, backpacker guitar
Mari Kalkun -vocal, 7-string kannel, guitar, melodica

Öötähtedena Öötähtedena (Ilona Sillak/Marika Pärn; arr. Pastacas, Kalkun)

Pastacas plays about dozen of different instruments and makes them loop all the time.  I play not a dozen, but a few with him. He is an artist who creates also paintings and drawings with his pastakas (ball-point-pen). Pastacas’ music has been described as folktronic music influenced from the Russian cartoons, but himself calls it “geek-punk”. When we meet, then Pastacas usually plays twice as fast as Mari. But often it happens that we find a suitable tempo for both of us. We have been giving concerts together in Estonia and Finland and done a tour in Japan (Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo) in september 2009.