Director: Andres Noormets
Musicians: Mari Kalkun, Taavi Kerikmäe
Actors: Marianne Kütt, Anneli Rahkema, Tarmo Tagamets
Technical support: Rene Liivamägi
Premiere: Young Dance Festival, 7 July 2008
Duration: 55´

In may 2008 director Andres Noormets collected a group of people who seemed to be perfect in order to produce a piece that would talk about Estonians in today’s world and today’s world in Estonians.  The group consists three professional actors – Anneli Rahkema, Marianne Kütt and Tarmo Tagamets, one folk-musician, also a singer-songwriter – Mari Kalkun and one improvising multi-instrumentalist Taavi Kerikmäe + a young theatre-technician Rene Liivamägi. All  these performers possessed a remarkable history being on the stage but it was their first time to participate in such a frame of theatre that stands between contemporary dance and non-verbal performing. Vaterland provides extremely original, ironic and even cutting edge sharp view into the essence of human being (in Vaterland, though, first and foremost Estonian). There is no such human person as seen on stage, there is no human person who isn’t like the persons on stage.  Kairi Prints – “Postimees”

The performance has taken place 12x in Estonia, 1x in Hungary, Pecs (The European Capital of Culture 2011), 1x in Patumthan festival Thailand

Nominee for Best Director prize at Estonian Theatre Awards 2008