Ilmamõtsan is an exquisite, heartfelt album. Language is no barrier to being won over by its particular magic.

Mari Kalkun’s “Ilmamõtsan” is political. It is also beautiful, and features 12 songs with haunting, unforgettable melodies sung in a crystalline yet forceful voice.

Mari shares her personal and intimate stories in a soft, yet compelling voice, singing of the power or the soul and nature. She has a warm and sunny disposition. And warmth is something that we never have quite enough at this latititude.

Tõnu PedaruPluss • 11. 2017

Modern-day kinship and a national heritage; local woods and a sprawling world. Experiences both private and public are folded into an imaginary space, one that survives in a rustic corner of Estonia, far from the clamorous workings of modern industry. And so - as a sonic expression of that ideal - everything here is very quiet indeed

David MacFadyen FFM • 10. 2017

For a small country, Estonia has been punching above its weight recently. Accomplished artists are emerging with a strong feel and knowledge of their musical roots, but also the determination and imagination to create something new from them. Like singer-songwriter Mari Kalkun.

Chris NicksonfRoots • 07. 2017

Kalkun’s music is very much about negotiating and exploring the tension of opposites. The traditional and modern, home and the road, the solo artist and the band member. It’s a wandering and a return.

Chris NicksonfRoots • 07. 2017

Tii ilo is very much a musical collaboration. It’s also a dearing experiment in runosong, erasing the line between the past and the modern singer-songwriter, with a chance for the players to let the material breathe and grow. The four personalities have a natural chemistry that mesher to create something inspired by history yet sounding absolutely contemporary. A reinvention of the runosong, if you like.

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