Mari Kalkun

Flight Beneath the Northern Sky

Song “Flight Beneath the Northern Sky” is the third single by Estonian singer and composer Mari Kalkun from her upcoming album “Stories of Stonia”. Album will be released by Real World Records on July 7th, 2023

Ants Tammik - author of the video
Simmo Saska - camera assistent
Mihkel Notta - FPV drone operator
Tushar Prakash - editor
Juss Saska - special effects
Madli Uibokant - make-up
Mari Kalkun - music and dance
Martin Kikas - music mixing
Kaur Kenk - music mastering
Marili Jõgi (Moon Management) - management

Mari Kalkun


Cinematographer: Mattias Veermets
Editing: Tushar Prakash
Color correction: Sten Lill
Make-up: Elo Meier
Piano montage: Tiit Kõlli
Photographer: Ruudu Rahumaru
Piano lifters and skiers: Taavi Tatsi, Kristjan Ait, Mihkel Salm, Pihod, Utsalid

Mari Kalkun

Somewhere There’s War

The song was born on the night of February 25th, 2022

Anna Hints - director
Mari Kalkun - music, lyrics
Ants Tammik - cinematographer, color correction
Tushar Prakash - online editor
Taavo Teras - live recording
Martin Kikas - mix
Kersti Niglas - make up, hair
Marili Jõgi - production assistant
Margus Tammik - graphic design
Natali Mällo - making of

The recording was made on 3rd March at Mari´s home studio in Võrumaa, Estonia

Thank you!
Gunnar Laal - Cinerama OÜ, Triinu Pungits, Tom Sherlock, Sam Lee, Roland Seer, Siim Parisoo, Tiit Kõlli

Sincere thanks to the whole team for dedicating your time. Thank you dear family.

Mõr Ukraini! Slava Ukraini!

Mari Kalkun

Video recording of the Apple Orchard Album

Mari Kalkun

Across the Seven Seas

Music video directed by Kaupo Kikkas, 2019

Mari Kalkun

Across the Seven Seas Live

Mari Kalkun performing “Läbi katsa kalamere” at Sofar Tallinn on December 11, 2018

Mari Kalkun Duo


Mari Kalkun and Aleksandra Kremenetski performing at festival Jazzkaar, November 2017; music Mari Kalkun, lyrics Yuri Vella, translation by Arvo Valton; sound recording Klassikaraadio (Estonian Classic Radio)

Mari Kalkun & Estonian National Symphony Orchestra

With Tongue and Heart

“Keelega-meelega” - Mari Kalkun / Mari Kalkun; conductor and author or the orchestral arrangement Rasmus Puur; Estonian Public Broadcasting 2019

Mari Kalkun

The Forest Brother Game

Director and editor: Siim Parisoo DOP: Tair Timmi Assistant: Marie Reemann Make-up: Kersti Niglas Costume : Triinu Pungits Production: Ö Stuudio, Mari Kalkun Cast: Helgur Rosenthal, Mari Kalkun, Error Tantsukool

Music: Mari Kalkun Mix: Martin Kikas, Ö Stuudio Master: Jaakko Viitalähde, Virtalähde Mastering

Sponsors: Kubija hotell-loodusspa, Trendwood, FSC, Kultuurkapital

Special thanks: Taavi Tatsi, Martin Kikas, family Reemann

Mari Kalkun & Runorun

Jakop’s Dream

“Jakop’s Dream” (“Jakopi unõnägo”) is a documentary/music video about the life in Võrumaa, Southern edge of Estonia through the eyes of a director Anna Hints. It’s filmed very close to my home in Viitina, the song lyrics also originate from the same filming locations. Carving a cross onto a tree to the one who departed is an old and unique local custom. In this video you also see the visuals of lamenting. This particular cross in the video is very fresh, made for my father. So the lamenting in the video was born in the moment and sang to him.

I’m most thankful for her “eyes” and to my neighbour Ahto (playing Jakop), who let us look into his life and took the filming as it’s natural thing to happen every day (although it was his first time to be filmed). I bow to the coolest filming crew and all the supporters and kickstarters!

Mari Kalkun & Runorun

Making of “Tii ilo” album

Camera Kullar Viimne, editing Sören Tali (2015)

A video about recording and creating Mari Kalkun & Runorun album “Tii ilo”. Filmed in August 2014 in Tuhalaane village, Estonia. “Tii ilo” record was released on 17.04.2015 by Rockadillo Records (Finland).

Mari Kalkun

Morning Light

Video: Eiko Ojala, Martin Rääk, Reimo Õun


Marili Jõgi

Moon Management


Worldwide (except Estonia & Japan):

Juliana Volož

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Marili Jõgi

Moon Management

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