“Singing revolution” broadcasted in German Radio

The concert of “Singing revolution” at the folkBALTICA festival turned out something extraordinary. I assume it is not every day that German audience is so kind to sing along in languages they might have never even heard of. Luckily, it didn’t stay inside the defending walls of St. Johannis Monastery but was recorded by German Radio.

The concert together with Laima Jansone (Latvia) and Trys Keturiose (Lithuania) is played in Deutschlandradio culture programme on 16th June 2014 at 20:03. It’s possible to listen live at deutschlandradiokultur.de

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Solo @ folkBALTICA festival in Germany

Mari Kalkun is giving four solo concerts in Germany and Denmark at the folkBALTICA Festival taking place in May 2014. The 10th jubilee festival brings for the first time together musicians from all ten countries bordering on the Baltic Sea and is this year dedicated to singing. Folk Baltica programme includes Scandinavian top folk groups like virtuous harmonica quartet Sväng from Finland, legendary Väsen from Sweden. The Baltic states are represented by Mari Kalkun from Estonia, Latvian kantele-player Laima Jansone and Trys Keturiouse from Lithuania. They play a concert together at the “Singing Revolution” concert programme in a unique atmosphere of St. Johannis Monastery. 10th May concert is going to be especially interesting – giving a partly improvised show altogether with musicians Karolina Cicha (Poland), Dreamers’ Circus (DK/S/FO), Laima Jansone (Latvia) and Trio Rosenrot (Germany)

More information at http://www.folkbaltica.de/

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Mini-tour up in the north…

Next week I have two concerts in Tallinn and nearby. First one on Friday the 25th evening at unique surrounding of old Anija manor. Second one in Tallinn, right in the heart of it – namely at the main square in a venue called Hopner’s house. Tallinn concert is part of concert series “From Another City” where I proudly represent the town of Võru.

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Playing solo at Tallinn Music Week

I’ve been part of colorful and bubbling Tallinn Music Week many years now. It has become a place to meet new music and friends from previous TMW festivals. I’ve got a compliment this year being selected one of the  artists in “5 stars” programme of the festival, thanks!

This time, I’m playing a solo concert at Tallinn Music Week – completely alone on stage with new songs.  Concert takes place on Saturday 29th March 10 p.m. in a really cozy venue - NO99 chamber hall. Plus a small acoutic live in Naiiv design-shop on Friday 17.30. Welcome!

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Time of Orchestras

Seems that lately my music has attracted some collective spirit. Lately I’ve been involved with three different orchestra projects, in February, I’m expecting to be part of two of them.

On 20th February  takes place a concert “Meie kodu -Eesti” devoted to Estonian Republic 96th anniversary in Tallinn Nokia concert hall, where I sing together with Estonian Police- and Boarder Guard Orchestra. The conception of the concert is to perform the music of peoples living in Estonia, so beside my songs in Estonian and Võru there is Svjata Vatra representing Ukrainians in Estonia, jazz singer Sofia Rubina representing Jewish culture, a band named Atlas playing for the Armenians, Denise Fontorura (Estonia-Brazil) and James Werts (Estonia-USA). In my song “Arrival of the Night” joins in a 96-member choir. Sounds big!

Shortly after this, I’m invited to be a guest artist with Estonian Folk Orchestra’s CD presentation concert in Tartu with 33 young folk musicians. EFO is a dynamic mixture of different and unthinkable instruments and personalities. All musicians share their interest in traditional music playing and singing, melting the old melodies into modern versatile music.

And finally! In December came out a beautiful winter record by Youth Orchestra Reaalmažoor called “Lumevalgus” (“The Light of Snow”) featuring many artists and singers from Estonia such as Riho Sibul, Tõnis Mägi, Kärt Johanson, Mari Pokinen. Here is the interpretation of my song “Puhas lumi” (“Pure Snow”) from the CD for listening:

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