Dream come true showcase

Vashti Bunyan is one of my favourite musicians of all times whose gentle hypnotic voice has stayed unchanged for decades. I just love her voice and music. And now meeting her soon…! FatCat + Õunaviks showcase sounds a dream come true to me: Vashti Bunyan (UK), Mari Kalkun (EE), Maarja Nuut (EE), Mirjam Tally (EE), C Duncan (UK), Kago, Spice Mouse & Cirkl (EE)

So, see you on 27th March @ Tallinn Music Week at Mustpeade Maja, it’s in the very old town of Tallinn. My showcase is at 9 pm.

More info about the showcase can be found in Facebook HERE.

And more info about the festival: http://tmw.ee/

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Mari Kalkun & Runorun & Tatjana Bergelt premiere in Helsinki

We had our premiere of the collaboration with visual artist Tatjana Bergelt and Mari Kalkun & Runorun band in Helsinki Music Center on 2nd December. Finally the work we’ve been doing together for over a year had the chance to be visible and we could see Tatjana’s works using the space for installations, which have words and lyrics from the songs, printed and sawn on textiles.It was a great night, happy and honored to play to a full house in Helsinki’s biggest music center’s blackbox.

Thanks to Sibelius Academy team for the excellent organizing, sound and lights work. There will be some videos from the performance soon. Now we are looking forward to record presentation concerts in spring!

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Happy new year!

Happy and inspirational new year 2015! There has been succeeds, surprises, laugther and tears in past year – all these things that altogether make up life. I’m thankful for all the musicians I played with, especially Runorun band and Tatjana Bergelt, thankful for my family, thankful to the warm audiences who have been giving me back double the energy I give to them, also concert organizers and supporters.

Here is a picture for you from a 100-year-old frosty maple “blossoming” in our yard in Võrumaa. Hope to meet you in near future!

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Mari Kalkun & Runorun album recorded

Good news! Mari Kalkun & Runorun spent a week in the country-studio in Tuhalaane, South of Estonia recording the new album It was a week full of amazing musical moments, amongst nature, having swims between recording sessions in 32-degree summer-weather. Doing some serious studio-work, many songs were shaped in a totally new way in the studio compared to the concerts, so the album will (hopefully) offer surprises even for those who have been present at the concerts. When recording the most fragile and longing song “Morning in Siberia”, out of nowhere a rare butterfly Mourning Cloak arrived to our session as an embassador from some other world telling us that this was the right take.

The album is planned to be released in the beginning of 2015. The album design will consist Tatjana Bergelt’s visuals specially made for Mari Kalkun & Runorun songs. We are negotiating with possible the label and distributer. I’ll keep you posted!


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“Singing revolution” broadcasted in German Radio

The concert of “Singing revolution” at the folkBALTICA festival turned out something extraordinary. I assume it is not every day that German audience is so kind to sing along in languages they might have never even heard of. Luckily, it didn’t stay inside the defending walls of St. Johannis Monastery but was recorded by German Radio.

The concert together with Laima Jansone (Latvia) and Trys Keturiose (Lithuania) is played in Deutschlandradio culture programme on 16th June 2014 at 20:03. It’s possible to listen live at deutschlandradiokultur.de

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