“Tii ilo” German release / “Tii ilo” ilmub Saksamaal

Mari Kalkun & Runorun has just received new print of “Tii ilo” which is being released in Germany!  As a result of collaborations between our home label Rockadillo Records and German label Nordic Notes the record will be very soon be available also in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and UK. Nordic Notes is a German record company focused on new exciting music from Scandinavia. The album released will be followed by Mari Kalkun & Runorun tour in Germany in spring 2017. Looking forward!

Äsja saabus plaadipresside vahelt bändi MARI KALKUN & RUNORUN albumi «Tii ilo» teine trükk, mis on juba varem näinud valgust nii Eesti, Soome kui Jaapani plaadipoodide riiulitelt. Käesolevaga aga tähistavad muusikud ning neid esindav Soome plaadifirma Rockadillo Records seda, et nende võro-, vadja- ja liivikeelne muusika on jõudnud ka Saksamaale.

Plaadi uus trükk ilmub kahasse maineka Rockadillo Records’i ja Nordic Notes’i vahel ning «Tii ilo» müügipiirkonda lisanduvad uue väljaandmisega Saksamaa, Austria, Šveits ning Suurbritannia. Nordic Notes annab välja Põhjamaade põnevat uut muusikat. 2017. aasta kevadel ootab Mari Kalkun & Runoruni ees Saksamaa kontserttuur.

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Finnish and Estonian music awards nomination for “Tii ilo” album

What a great and unexpected surprise! Mari Kalkun & Runorun album “Tii ilo” has got a double nomination at music awards – it’s been nominated for Ethno Album of the Year both in Estonia and Finland. This makes Kalkun the first Estonian to be nominated to a Finnish music award. Mari lives in the Southern edge of Estonia as other Finnish/Australian band members, record label Rockadillo records and album artist Tatjana Bergelt are located in Finland.

And what a nice company to share with as other candidates for the prize are Kimmo Pohjonen, Pekko Käppi, Anne-Mari Kivimäki and Sväng in Finland and Trad. Attack!, Curly Strings in Estonia. The award winners are announed at galas taking place on 28th of January (Estonian Music Awards gala at Nordea concert hall, Tallinn) and 11th March 2016 (Finnish Music Awards at Espoo Metro Arena).

Mari Kalkun & Runorun says ISO KIITOS – SUUR AITÄH – BIG THANKS to all who’ve made “Tii ilo” happen and to the supportive critics who’ve selected the album to the music awards! More info about the events (in Finnish and Estonian): http://www.emmagaala.fi/ and http://www.muusikaauhinnad.eu/

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“Tii ilo” out in Japan!

I am excited that “Tii ilo” music is making it to so far corners of the world: Mari Kalkun & Runorun album “Tii ilo” was also released by cool and cozy Japanese label Afterhours and is now available in Japan music shops! Special Japanese design is made by Yuko Shoji and the CD includes decent lyrics translations made in collaboration of three Japanese and Estonian translators. The band is looking forward to fly Japan soon, we hope to present the album there in 2016. More info about the release in Japanese available at AFTERHOURS WEBSITE HERE.  Arigatou!

“Tii ilo” is now availbe in various Japanese music stores including Tower Records Shibuya, Otonomad in Tokyo and many others.

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Many berries to pick, many concerts ahead in summer

Estonia and the Nordic people are celebrating the time of the shortest and lightest nights – it really feels like the day is endless and it’s the peak time of festivals in this region. Now it’s the time to collect some solar and musical energy for the long wintertime and tour around in interesting places.

Summer brings me first to Sommelo Music Festival taking place in Kuhmo, Finland and Russian Karelia – looking forward to play a special concert in the empty village with no electricity. Onwards we play gigs with Runorun at the famous Viljandi Folk Music Festival and in August there are many concerts in Finland and Estonia including playing exclusive solo concert at Estonia’s smallest festival at Ruhnu island in the oldest wooden building in Estonia – Ruhnu church.

Here is the full list of upcoming summer concerts:

02/07 Sommelo Music Festival, Kuhmo, Finland (with Mari Kalkun & Runorun)
04/07 Sommelo Music Festival, Uhtua, Russia
05/07 Sommelo Music Festival, Haikola, Russia
12/07 Tartu Hansapäevad, Jõelinna lava, Tartu, Estonia
24/07 Viljandi Folk Music Festival, Muuseumihoov, Estonia (with Mari Kalkun & Runorun)
26/07 Viljandi Folk Music Festival, Ait, Estonia (with Runorun)
26/07 Viljandi Folk Music Festival, EMT Kaevumäe lava blind date, Estonia
06/08 “Upa-upa” CD presentation concert, Rõuge, Estonia (with Pastacas & Tuulikki Bartosik)
08/08 Kaika suvõülikuul / Kaika’s Summer University, Räpina, Estonia (with Piigavägi)
16/08 Masuunin minifestari, Teijo, Finland
18/08 Fenno Ugrian Congress, Oulu, Finland (with Runorun)
21/08 RuhnuRahu Festival, Ruhnu island, Estonia
23/08 Runokuu, Café Mascot, Helsinki, Finland (with Runorun)

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Music video / documentary film “Jakop’s Dream” is ready!

Mari Kalkun & Runorun’s music video “Jakop’s Dream” (“Jakopi unõnägo”) is ready! This music video is also a small documentary about the life in Võrumaa, Estonia through the eyes of director Anna Hints. It’s filmed very close to my home and the song lyrics also originate from the same place. Carving a cross onto a tree to the one who departed is an old local custom.

This cross is very fresh, made for my father… so is the lament in the video, born in the moment and sang to him. I’m so thankful to Anna with whom making this video was a wonderful and emotional experience. I’m thankful to my neighbour Ahto, who let us look into his life and took the filming as it’s natural thing to happen every day. I bow to the coolest filming crew: oparator Tõnis Tuuga, costume designer Katarina Klett, make-up artist Kersti Niglas, editor Marion Koppel. Thanks to all the supporters and kickstarters!

And you are most welcome to come to Mari Kalkun & Runorun record presentation concerts 8-10th May in Estonia!

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